FUDIANKANG/MAN-ENGGA Diesel Engine Powered Genset
曼柴油发动机 MAN Diesel Engine
4-stroke,water cooled, Multi-cylinder in-line or Vee engine, direct injection; Turbocharged,
Turbocharged with intercooler; Replaceable wet type cylinder liner.12VDC or 24VDC starter.
ALL series feature GAC electronic speed governor. Full flow fuel filter and lube oil filter.
The engine is installed with high-efficiency soundproof silencer.
Brushless,self-excited,4-pole,single bearing, AVR self-regulated.IP22 protection, class H insulation. Voltage regulation rate≤±1%.Radio interference restraining accord with the stipulation of VDE0875-N and GB/T2820.
MAN公司发动机介绍 Introduction to MAN Diesel Engine
MAN集团是欧洲机械与车辆制造业的领先企业之一,世界上第一台柴油发动机是由MAN 的发动机工程师Mr.DIESEL发明。作为世界范围内的生产资料产业的产业与服务系统供应商,MAN在柴油机、商用车辆、工业服务、印刷机械等核心领域和机械设备制造业的一些特殊领域拥有约76000名工作人员,MAN基于富有革新精神的设计和高标准的质量,成功持续了100多年。
MAN GROUP is one of the leading enterprises devoted to the manufacturing of machinery
and vehicles in Europe. The first engine in the world was invented by an engine-engineer
from the MAN company whose name is Mr.DIESEL. As a worldwide supplier for the industry of means of production and service system, MAN company owns 76,000 staff members distributed in the core fields such as diesel engine, commercial-purpose vehicles, industry service, printing machinery and some special field for the manufacturing of mechanical equipment etc. Based on the innovatory design and high standard quality ,MAN company has successfully lasted over 100 years.
MAN 着眼于未来,推出了新一代的电站用柴油发动机,该机型在安全性、劳动效益和可靠性方面均属世界领先,是美观性和功能性的完美结合。
Having its eyes on the future, MAN company has put out a new generation of diesel engine
used in electrical station, which is in the lead in the world on the aspects such as safety, running benefits and reliability, etc. and is also the perfect combination of beauty and function.
MAN柴油发动机特点MAN Engines Have the Following Features:
More output power at the same cubic capacity and more strong bump proof strength
Discharging pollution at the lowest level, fine environmental protection reaches the European Noщ standard.
Low fuel consumption.
Simple and light design, stability and reliability, long life of use.
The various spare parts meet all of the requirements of customers.
英格(无锡)发电机公司介绍Introduction to Engga(WuXi) Alternators Company
Engga(Wuxi) Alternators Co.LTD. invested in the mainland of China by British Engga Investment Co.LTD is a specialized manufacturer of alternators, whose annual output of alternators
reaches 30,000 sets. The company produces the single bearing and double bearing brushless
alternators designed by Engga company and patented with two items, hoses powers cover from 30KW to 2000KW with frequency at 50 and 60HZ. And these products are suitable for being used in ship and land. The company owns strict ISO:9001:2000 quality system, therefore, the quality consciousness has been carried through every link: from product development, putting out new product to market and after-sales service.
英格发电机具有以下特点Engga Alternators Have the Following Features:
With the single bearing or double bearing structure, therefore, they can be connected directly with the varieties of alternators imported or homemade.
The automatic voltage regulator regulates the voltage at a constant automatically.
Buffering function(LAM)for load added suddenly.
Electromagnetic interference restraining, over excitation shutting down.
Small voltage wave distortion, and high regulating precision.
Paralleling running of multi-genset can be realized.